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Well, you've come this far, and learned some of the history and lore of the hemp plant. But how much of it really sunk in? Lets find out...and no using the back button, or I'll have to wack your hands with a ruler.

(This is the first in a series of tests of increasing difficulty. A passing score is considered 70% or higher. Incidentally, all answers can be found on the pages of this site...somewhere. If you successfully pass the test, feel free to move on to moderate difficulty. If you pass that...then we've got something special. The final test will contain information from this site and others requring some real research. Email the dean with your answers and we will send you a HempSchool diploma, printed on recycled hemp paper - provided you pass, of course. Study hard folks...finals are never easy. Good luck!)

HempSchool Test 01

  1. The term 'Cannabis' referred to what type of plant during the middle ages?
  2. How many tons of dry fiber are produced by an acre of cultivated hemp, on average?
  3. Hemp was often the fiber of choice for the creation of sailcloth for the majority of human history. What property of hemp fiber made it so valuable in regards to sailing?
  4. 'Cannabis', as a root word, has existed for thousands of years. What was the first civilization to coin it?
  5. Hempseed is the only known seed source for a particular nutrient. What is it?
  6. How many different types of hemp fibers are found on cultivated hemp?
  7. A media mogul became notorious during the late 1930s for waging a private war against the hemp industry. What was his name?
  8. Hemp competed with what crop during the early years of the United States?
  9. What is the closest biological relative of C. Sativa?
  10. How much money are you going to bribe the dean to get the answers to all these questions?

If you successfully answered all questions, please email dean@hempschool.com with your answers and we will be glad to confirm your diploma. A donation is appreciated to help cover the cost of shipping, handling, and procurement of hemp paper - however it is NOT required. All donations are used towards the maintenance and expansion of Hempschool and for the promotion of better understanding.



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