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About Us

We here at HempSchool created this web siteto be a resource for those looking for information about hemp and hemp resources, presented in an honest manner. Hopefully, we have helped to promote in a realistic way a plant that we find to be very useful. We do not promote drug use in any way and are merely interested in the commercial potential that has for so long, gone unused in a plant that has historically been of such significance to our ancestors and has the definite potential to do so again.

This web site is never intended to be 'finished', and we will continue to provide as much content as we find and have the time to implement. If any of you out there have any questions that we have not answered well, we will do our utmost to research information and/or correct information on our site here or in personal correspondence. Incidentally, we have gone to some effort to make sure all information is correct in all regards. If a piece of information is found to be in error, send us a message and we will do some research and correct it if the error can be verified. Visitors here are also very much encouraged to research information yourselves via our links page or on your own and come to your own conclusions - Being well-informed is always a good thing. Best regards everyone.


The Dean

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