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Welcome to Hempschool.com, our online campus for all things hemp. Within these hallowed halls lies knowledge of one of the most maligned, but potentially most useful plants to have graced the presence of humanity.

Most of the public's current negative perception of cannabis sativa is due to myths, ignorance, and a certain prevailing view of the plant that has been around since the days of William Randolph Hearst. It is therefore our duty and privilege to educate the public on just what this plant is, its negative aspects, its positive aspects, and overall to give an honest and balanced viewpoint. We here at the school feel that after everything is said and done, you will come away with a better view of this plant and its enormous potential, and become one of many in the United States who continue to fight to bring back a resource that, for a very long time, has ridden the sidelines of history.

Please pardon the dust and exposed rafters, we are continually renovating the school, its content and its witty repertoire of current cultural craftiness (well, more on that later). At this time, however, we have 2 classes open for students: "The History of Hemp", and "Uses and Potential". Please take notes...there WILL be a test!

Best Regards,


The Dean


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